Anonymous: Where are you role playing these days?

Hey there! Right now I’m on one Harry Potter site (Potter era), one animation personified site, and I’m working on my own Harry Potter site, as well. They’re all on JCINK. :) 

Anonymous: is it okay to pend an app because you feel that the face doesn't fit the character?

Story time: I once joined a site that was models preferred (just preferred, not only) because a friend wanted me to so that we could play out a certain canon HP pairing together. When I applied, my application was pended because the admins wanted me to change my playby, and they said it didn’t fit the ‘feel’ of the site. I was bothered, but wanted to RP with my friend so I let it go and found someone else. The problem that came with it, though, was that it made me feel really uncomfortable on the site. I used the second playby for a while, but eventually it became such a problem for me that I PM’d the admin who had originally pended me and asked if I could change it back to the original playby, because I wasn’t comfortable with the one I was using and couldn’t find anyone else. So basically, we spent several hours (I’m talking at least three) on an instant messenger, both playby hunting so that we could find someone we were both comfortable with. I really appreciated that she was so willing to help, but when I tried to explain what it was about my preferred playby that made me use her for this character, the admin said that she didn’t agree with my reasons. It really just made me feel as if she had asked me to change it initially because she didn’t think I had chosen a playby that fit my character. It was a canon character, but she fit the physical description of the canon; I specifically remember the admin saying that she thought the playby was too ‘bubbly’ for my character. She also said that my playby didn’t fit the feel of the site, and as an admin she had every right to want a certain ‘type’ of playby on her roleplay, but the problem that came with that was it made me feel as if my character didn’t fit the site, and thus I didn’t fit. 

Anyway, long story short: She said I could use the playby I preferred after we spent hours searching and I couldn’t find anyone else that I liked (important to note that I have only ever used this particular playby for this character and whenever I use someone else it never works out for me), but the entire thing resulted in me feeling as if I was being a nuisance and I didn’t feel welcome. To this day, I don’t stick around if I’m pended and someone asks me to change my playby because they don’t think it fits my character. So, yeah. You have every right to do what you want on your site, I would just keep in mind that you don’t know that character as well as their writer does, and they generally have a much better idea of who fits their character. If you do pend someone and ask them to change their playby because you don’t think it fits the character, help them find someone else! Even with the feelings I was left with after what happened, I still really appreciate that she did legitimately try to help me out. It was basically the only thing that kept me on the site until its preemptive closure.

Title: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Artist: Me (Originally Starship)
Played: 8 times

I HAVE A NEW ELECTRIC GUITAR! :DDD So to celebrate, have a new cover!~

Title: Give Judy My Notice
Artist: Me (Originally Ben Folds)
Played: 89 times

Title: Give Judy My Notice
Artist: Ben Folds
Played: 33 times


 I’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men



why do people say chicken as a term for coward? Have you ever meet a chicken? Cause those things will fuck you up man


And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise. (x)


petition to make ellen page the new queen of tumblr


And can we please also address what else Ellen Page said: That there was a machinery at work that kept her in the closet, and that this caused her actual damage—to her mental health and her private life.

If we focus on her decision to live “authentically” versus “living a lie” I feel like we’re…